Safecor Health, LLC respects the privacy of visitors to our Web site and we and are dedicated to protecting user privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines the information Safecor Health, LLC may collect about users when they visit our site and how we will use that information.

Collecting Your Personal Identification
Most of the Safecor Health Web site is accessible without providing personally identifiable information. For promotions, online purchasing, and other interactive services users may wish to provide this information voluntarily. Users who opt not to provide us with personally identifiable information may be unable to receive more detail on product/service offerings and/or be unable to utilize online reports regarding purchases, download software; receive product upgrades, or participate in product and service demonstrations.

When users write to us with comments and suggestions, we will respond only to them and will not, in any circumstance, make any personally identifiable information available to a third party, unless required by relevant state or Federal laws.

Use of Your Personal Information
If users provide personal information to Safecor Health, LLC, we will use it only for the following purposes:

  • To make the site easier to use by not making users enter your personal information more than once.
  • To deliver services that are requested or purchased.
  • To help users quickly find account or product information.
  • To help us create and publish content most relevant to users.
  • To alert users to product upgrades, special offers and other new services from Safecor Health, LLC.

Web Site Server
Our Web site server collects domain names (not email addresses) of visitors to our Web site in order to measure the number of visits, pages viewed, etc. This information is used to determine the use of our site and to improve its content.

If you have any questions, or need further clarification on this statement, please contact us at or call us at 781-933-8780